Monday, November 1, 2010

Dac Motors Halloween Party 5th Editon

And so we went, like in all the years before

The OPEN Pub

We encounterd a hairy mummy giving free votka shots, mandatory for geting in :D

and the Dac Motors pumpkin

there were mafioso gangsters

and a Pimp

a nazi officer and a viking


and cops
and stwardess, terrorists, soldiers, pirates, sailors, witches, boxers, rabi's, arabians, Slash and the Little red riding Hood...heck, we even had Jesus :))

And the winer for the best costume, wining 4 litres of Motul motorcycle 
oil and a matching oilfilter for his bike + a bottle of votka and one of gin is.....

 It eas a great party, just like the in the past, we had a great times with the DACians as hosts.

more pictures HERE

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